The goal of any recruiter is to match the job opening with the best possible candidates, resulting in a successful hire. But in today’s busy world, it’s also important to achieve this outcome as easily as possible. Murdock said that in the DRT process, he has found the perfect tool to meld these two goals together.

Picture a diamond: narrow at the top, fatter in the middle and then narrowing back to a point at the bottom. Murdock says this is what your hiring process should look like. The length of the diamond represents the time you put in, and the width represents the number of candidates. “You want to make the diamond as short and thin as possible,” he said.

“This is the rare case where you don’t want a big diamond, you want a small diamond,” Murdock added.

At the top

To start building your diamond, Murdock said you can turn to your recruiting tools, like ZoomInfo Pro, and conduct a keyword search. “Look at the tools we have access to today. You can really get very specific,” he said. “You may end up with eight or nine people, but they may match a lot of the keywords you’re looking for.” Generally, two or three of these candidates make it through to the end of the process.

In the middle

Once you find those few people who very closely match your ideal candidate, Murdock says it’s time to widen your search. Start by removing criteria that aren’t absolutely necessary. For instance, it might be nice for your candidate to have an MBA, but not totally necessary. By eliminating some of those criteria, you will open yourself up to a wider pool of candidates, who are still the best candidates because they match your most important criteria. “It’s about prioritizing what you remove,” said Murdock.

The bottom

After you have found a reasonable number of candidates, it’s time to start narrowing them down. This process remains the same, but hopefully you’re doing it with a smaller, better pool of candidates. Bring in candidates for interviews. By the time you reach that last point on the diamond, you’ve found the person you want to offer the position to.

Implementing the DRT in your recruiting process will, according to Murdock, save you valuable time and resources, but it isn’t a boon to just recruiters. The whole process is vastly improved by employing this technique, which allows you to work more efficiently and end up with the best candidates in the end. “The diamond isn’t just the recruiter’s best friend. It’s also the hiring manager’s and the candidate’s,” Murdock said. The diamond not only truncates the process for the HR team – and ultimately produces better candidates – it also improves the process for candidates, who are matched up with better open positions and who experience a smoother, shorter hiring process.

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