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If you focus on “source of hire” as a primary recruiting metric to track, you’re in the majority. Of metrics we asked about in a recent ZoomInsights poll, more recruiters track source of hire (72.8 percent) than any other metric. “Time to fill” came in a close second (72.1 percent). Referral rates (33.8 percent) and candidate satisfaction (35.7 percent) were at the bottom of the list. Note that the results add up to more than 100 percent because we asked respondents to choose all metrics that applied to them. In our open-ended “other” response, recruiters mentioned the following additional metrics: lead-to-application ratio, lead-to-hire ratio and application-to-hire ratio, among others.


Recruiting the ones who don’t apply

Some of the best candidates for any position are the ones who aren’t even looking for a job. Results of the ZoomInsights survey indicate that many recruiters realize that. Nearly 62 percent of respondents reported that they search for passive candidates for at least half of their open positions.


Know how your ads perform?

Return on investment (ROI) is an important measure in many areas of business, including marketing. But our survey showed that more than half of recruiters (50.4 percent) do not track the ROI of their recruitment advertising.


Getting an edge

So what’s on the minds of your fellow recruiters? What do they want to know about? Our survey found that using social media effectively continues to be a top topic of interest (67.6 percent of respondents), followed closely by developing passive recruiting techniques (66 percent). Other topics of interest:

  • Improving the candidate experience
  • Building and maintaining email mailing lists
  • AIRS-type Boolean search techniques
  • Metrics used for ROI
  • Building candidate pipelines

Watch for new content from ZoomInsights on these and other helpful topics.

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