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Tips & Trends

5 tips for recruiting at conferences

Trade shows and professional conferences are more than great ways to promote products. They’re also good places to find excellent candidates for open positions. Why? The people who attend such events


Got a job for a psychological warfare expert?

Would a veteran whose primary professional experience is psychological warfare fit any of your open positions? How about someone who has experience using communications, public relations, marketing and change management techniques to influence people to take desired actions? That’s exactly what a military


Can former employees help you find candidates?

You might think you’ve left no stone unturned as you search for the best and brightest candidates. But according to Jacelyn Swenson, manager of community-based social business marketing initiatives for IBM, you might have overlooked a very valuable resource.


Build a keyword strategy to find the best candidates

As a recruiter, you have more information sources than ever at your disposal to help find candidates for open positions. However, to use them effectively, you need solid keyword skills, of the sort your high school librarian may have taught you. Chris Murdock, senior partner at


If you think “selling” is a dirty word, think again

If you don’t want to admit that selling is a major part of the recruiting process, you’re not alone — but you might also be losing out on opportunities. It turns out that recruiters with superior sales skills