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What's in a Company Name?

Where do company names come from? Turns out companies are named after almost anything. Many use the founder's. Others are inspired by a place or a corporate philosophy. Some names simply describe the company's business.

Check out how these companies got their names:

  • Founders Joe Croce and Mike Cole combined the first letters of their last names (C and C) to create CiCi's Pizza.
  • Northern California's Adobe Creek provided inspiration for the name Adobe Systems.
  • Gastric enzyme pepsin is the source of PepsiCo's name, since its signature beverage was originally sold as a digestive aid.
  • When companies Margarine Unie and Lever Brothers merged, the resulting company became Unilever.

We wondered which words are most popular in company names, so we searched the ZoomInfo's profiles on more than 5 million companies to find the answer. Below are the top five words used in software, finance and telecommunication company names.

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