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Marketing Departments Sizes

Marketing teams are outsourcing major parts of their activities, nowadays, from copywriting to email management. Ever wondered how companies like yours are staffing? ZoomInfo's data experts analyzed the number of marketing employees at more than five million companies.

We filtered our data by company size: small (revenues up to $25 million), medium ($25 million to $250 million) and large (more than $250 million). We also looked at specific industries.

The variance was surprising. For example, the mean number of employees of large companies who have marketing titles is only 13. But among the top 10 companies (by number of marketing positions), that number is 410.


We also analyzed the number of marketing positions in seven specific industries. The clear winner was the online education industry, with an average of 30 marketing employees, followed by telecom and software.


This report is just a small example of the deep, detailed information ZoomInfo has on business people and companies. Ready to put our constantly updated business data to work for you in your marketing campaigns? Talk to a ZoomInfo data expert about segmenting – with precision that's only possible with data like ours – and make your marketing more relevant than ever.

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