If you're prospecting in a specific industry, it sure helps to know where to shake the bushes. ZoomInsights wondered which states have the most employees in each of several industries. See what we learned after our data experts sliced and diced ZoomInfo's data on more than 60 million business people:


Popular vacation state Florida would be many people's guess for the most employees in the hospitality industry, but ZoomInfo data shows that Colorado tops the list, with nearly 21,000 workers listed in the ZoomInfo database. New York came in second.


Selling products or services to the healthcare industry? Go West! California tops the list, with more than 9,600 healthcare workers in the ZoomInfo database. Texas placed second.



When it comes to finance companies, Wall Street does not top the Golden State. California is the place you ought to be … it has nearly twice as many finance employees as New York. Florida comes in a close third.



The number of education workers is largest in California, followed by Texas and New York.



California, again, tops the list -- thanks to Hollywood. Many major networks for TV, cable, radio, etc. have headquarters in New York, making it second for most media employees.



Silicon Valley is home to a plethora of software workers. But did you know the No.2 state is Texas or that Florida is in the top 10? So perhaps that makes two "Silicon Valleys of the South."


What states are your target markets?

Our facts give you glimpses into how the ZoomInfo can help you plan your go-to-market strategies, set sales territories and segment email lists. And this is just the tip of the iceberg: ZoomInfo's data experts can search and sort by dozens of criteria. Tapping into deep profiles on more than 60 million professionals and five million businesses will allow you to target in ways you never thought possible. Contact ZoomInfo today for more information.

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