Marketing teams are outsourcing major parts of their activities, nowadays, from copywriting to email management. Ever wondered how companies like yours are staffing? ZoomInfo's data experts analyzed the number of marketing employees at more than five million companies.

We filtered our data by company size: small (revenues up to $25 million), medium ($25 million to $250 million) and large (more than $250 million). We also looked at specific industries.

Whether you're an alumnus or fan of Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville or Ohio State, chances are you got pulled into the madness of the must-watch NCAA men's basketball shake-down in New Orleans.

Where do company names come from? Turns out companies are named after almost anything. Many use the founder's. Others are inspired by a place or a corporate philosophy. Some names simply describe the company's business.

Searching our own ZoomInfo profiles of more than 50 million people and five million companies, look what our business data experts found:

If you're prospecting in a specific industry, it sure helps to know where to shake the bushes. ZoomInsights wondered which states have the most employees in each of several industries. See what we learned after our data experts sliced and diced ZoomInfo's data on more than 60 million business people:

On the eve of the beginning of summer, we looked at various industries with summer themes within the ZoomInfo database. We searched in ZoomInfo Pro by industry and state and divided the results by the total number of businesses in each state, as according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Here are our results, a summertime snapshot of our database:

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