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How to improve engagement with preference data

A key to good marketing — and also perhaps the hardest part to get right — is knowing what your customers want and figuring out how to give it to them. As a marketer, it’s your job to learn everything you can about your target audience


Innovation is great, but remember the basics

Email marketers are always eager to learn about what's new and innovative, such as including social-graph data into a database, using device-based responsive content and integrating email with mobile and display.


It takes a team

As an email agency the question of what it takes to run an outstanding email program is important. We spend a fair amount of time looking at how enterprises manage their marketing, particularly their direct and digital messaging. We read the blogs and articles.


Closing the gap and opening doors between B2B sales and marketing teams

Sales and marketing teams don't always play well together. In fact, within many companies, there's a vast, often unspoken (although usually complained about) friction between the people who produce sales tools and the ones who use them to hunt down new business.


Getting vital details on Web forms with fewer fields

A recent ZoomInsights article brought up a dilemma that challenges most B2B marketers: How do you get enough information from Web visitors to score leads, without bombarding them with too many Web form questions?