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Email Marketing Biggest Concerns for MarketersWhen you think about your B2B email marketing program, what keeps you awake at night? If it's keeping people from removing themselves from your mailing list, you're in good company. That's one of the findings of a recent ZoomInsights survey.

Despite the promise of customer engagement, brand affinity and those ever-important fresh leads, many social media marketing efforts fail to deliver. The reason might be that you're not thinking like a traditional publisher.

Whitepapers are a marketing tool that can be used to showcase your company's area of expertise. They are a great, free informational resource to offer your customers or clients. The can also offer many SEO benefits. Although a whitepaper's purpose is to provide information, it's important to keep a few design pointers in mind to provide an effortless reading experience.

Despite a constant drumbeat of expert advice on the importance of continually testing email campaigns, a survey of B2B marketers conducted by ZoomInsights shows that relative few marketers do it.

Three things executives care about: "Will it take my time or my company's time? Am I incurring significant risk? Will it cost me or make me money?"

Three things managers think about: "Can I trust the quality? Will I get good service? Is the price the best deal I can get or is it fair?"

Think about your audience. Maybe it's managers and executives. Students. New hires. Recruits. Vendors. Partners. Existing customers. One message does not fit all.

Here are five practical ways your Web assets can speak to different audiences.

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