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Survey: E-mail Software, Click-throughs & Lists

Ever wonder how your e-mail marketing operations compare to your colleagues'? ZoomInsights surveyed a highly targeted list of marketers (using our own ZoomInfo data) and the results reveal what these masters of email campaigns have in common.


Taking the First Steps toward B2B Marketing Automation

Before making key business decisions, your potential customers are increasingly spending time researching online to educate themselves to make better decisions. According to Focus Research, 90 percent of B2B buyers prefer to consume content over the Internet.


6 Tactics to Create More 'Must-Read' B2B Newsletters

A regularly published B2B email newsletter is a staple of most B2B digital marketing strategies. They are a cost-effective, if inefficient, way to nurture prospects and help maintain a relationship over a client's lifetime.


Why Now Is the Time to Invest in Email Innovation

Publishers are just starting to understand what retailers have known for years: emailing consumers drives traffic. And until now, publishers sent email for only one reason: to drive site traffic. Traffic means revenue in the form of ad impressions. But these ad impressions came at a steep cost.


How to measure digital campaigns

Marketing executives across industries struggle with metrics and analytics for digital marketing programs, according to an article in ClickZ. Author Augustine Fou writes that digital marketing tactics are so new to many marketing executives that they're unsure which metrics to use.