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Become a Better Data Buyer - Part IV

Make sure your vendor understands your business and what you're after.Are you renting a list for a one-time mailing? Or do you need to regularly update or append in-house lists to keep them current and complete?


Getting the Click: 8 Tips for Increasing CTR

"The most important thing to do to increase click-through rates is to be relevant, interesting and useful," said Mike Volpe, CMO at , an all-in-one marketing software company, told ZoomInsights.


Right Person, Right Message, Right Time: Improving Email Relevance

An overwhelming 74 percent of recipients unsubscribe from marketing messages because of irrelevance, according to Forrester Research. That means consumer marketers must send information about golf only to golfers and messages about music equipment only to musicians. The same concept applies in B2B. You must know your audience and what its members seek and need.


How Editorial Content can Jump-Start your Email Marketing

Email marketers lament "subscriber fatigue" as more and more marketers start sending email but are at a loss for what to do. The result is more mailings but less subscriber engagement.


Marketing in the Mobile Email Revolution

Falling prices have made smartphones extremely common. According to the Pew Research Center, 46 percent of U.S. adults owned a smartphone as of February 2012. With those kinds of numbers, widespread smartphone and tablet adoption is undeniable.