When you think about your B2B email marketing program, what keeps you awake at night? If it's keeping people from removing themselves from your mailing list, you're in good company. That's one of the findings of a recent ZoomInsights survey. Just more than 28 percent of respondents indicated that unsubscribe rates concern them most. Avoiding spam filters was a close second, at nearly 27 percent. See the graph below. Among "other" responses, maintaining high open and click-through rates was a common theme, as was message relevance.

Email Marketing Biggest Concerns for Marketers

Persistence pays off

Half of marketers surveyed reported getting a response from prospects after sending three to four email messages, while nearly 29 percent said they get responses with one or two messages. This was in response to our survey question, "How many times do you typically have to send prospects a nurture email before you get a response?" Our ZoomInsights editorial team plans to dig into "types of responses" in a future survey.

Grab 'em while they're here

The ZoomInsights survey found heavy reliance on Web subscription forms for email list building. We provided five possibilities, plus an "other" response and asked respondents to choose all that apply. (That's why the percentages in the chart below total more than 100 percent.) More marketers chose "subscription forms on our website" than any other option. Just over 29 percent of respondents drive potential subscribers to their sites with paid advertising. The most common "other" responses referred to trade shows and events.

Better targeting equals fewer unsubscriptions

Sending the right messages to the right people is critical if you want to keep subscribers on your list. This requires careful targeting. ZoomInfo's data experts can help you make sure that your prospect database is always accurate and filled with details that enhance your targeting capabilities. With more than 50 million businesspeople at five million businesses, ZoomInfo includes detailed information that goes far deeper than job title. Let a ZoomInfo data expert show you how our data can keep unsubscribe rates low.
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