Despite a constant drumbeat of expert advice on the importance of continually testing email campaigns, a survey of B2B marketers conducted by ZoomInsights shows that relative few marketers do it. When we asked marketers about any surprising email test results they've seen, nearly 50 percent told us they do not test email messages. A fourth of those who do run tests said results have not surprised them. One even said tests failed to show any significant difference between message variations.

Nonetheless, a few marketers offered up some test results that did pique their curiosity. More than one respondent commented on big differences found in the quality of lists (purchased from third-party providers) and how much that data quality affected campaign success.

One marketer studied the percentage of people who clicked through a message promoting a webinar...and then bailed from the page with the webinar registration form. That company significantly improved results by simply changing the format of the landing page.

Another marketer learned that email click-through rates increased as messages went up the corporate ladder. "It's the highest-level people at our prospect companies that are the ones clicking through the most," the marketer wrote.

Of course, your mileage may vary. Or as one marketer put it, "What works for one campaign may be a disaster for a different offer."

The test result that respondents mentioned most often was the importance of an effective subject line.

Did that deal come from email? Most don't know.

If you're having trouble attributing sales to email campaigns, you're in good company. ZoomInsights asked marketers, "How accurately does your company determine revenue generated by your email campaigns?" Nearly 70 percent of respondents either said they "sometimes" or "rarely" know when an email campaign has resulted in a closed deal. Only 18 percent of marketers said they're always able to credit email campaigns with closed deals.

What's the score?

The ZoomInsights survey found a wide range of lead-scoring practices. We asked, "Which statement below best describes how you choose leads to forward to sales reps?" The most common response (39 percent) was "We only forward prospects who request information (e.g., via Web form)." Nearly 27 percent forward leads based on prospect behavior.

How good is your mailing list?

As the ZoomInsights survey pointed out, the quality of a mailing list makes a big difference in the success of a B2B email campaign. ZoomInfo has detailed profiles on more than 50M business professionals – and every email address is tested at least once every 90 days. ZoomInfo's data experts can help you target your market with laser-like precision and ensure the lowest bounce rates in the industry. Find out more.

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