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You write eye-catching subject lines and tantalize readers with your dapper HTML skills?Fantastic. Just one problem: Your list is dirty (and not in the fun way).

Nearly half of B2B marketers are making a big mistake with their hyperlinks. According to the MarketingSherpa Landing Page Handbook (second edition), 44 percent of clicks for B2B companies are directed to a company’s home page, not a campaign-specific landing page! The result: lost leads and conversion opportunities.

A survey from “BtoB Magazine” and Bizo shows that the sales cycle has stretched for many B2B companies, increasing pressure on the marketing organization to boost brand awareness.

Video can build a powerful emotional bond between consumers and brands. Over the past year, I've written several case studies that looked at how marketers at small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have created that bond and found success on YouTube.

Maximizing campaign ROI and profit from advertising is among every marketer's top priorities. Because of this, yield optimization — increasing the spread between the cost of advertising and the revenue derived from it — is a critical focus for digital marketers.

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