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Download the infographic to learn common reasons your sales prospects say no, including:

Your product isn't the right fit

They weren't ready to make a decision

They prefer your competitors

A Message to Our Valued Customers

To our valued customer:

I would like to personally apologize for the disruptions you experienced in the last few weeks.

In our continued efforts to improve our products and expand our database, we have experienced a rapid growth in usage. This growth, combined with the technical issues of our hosting service provider, caused the disruptions that occurred.

Recently, we created a special engineering and IT task force to design and implement a significant expansion to our systems and infrastructure. We have also allocated a substantial budget for buying new servers and communication gear to better support current and planned growth, and we are doing everything possible to ensure this does not happen again. We are also adding an additional hosting location to provide better response times and to serve as a backup in case one of our hosting providers encounters a problem.

We know you have integrated ZoomInfo into your daily workflow so we understand how disruptive these issues were. I can assure you that we take the situation very seriously and are investing resources to avoid future disruptions to our service.

Thank you again for being a valued customer.


Yonatan Stern
Chief Executive Officer
Zoom Information Inc.

ZoomInfo Scheduled Maintenance

To our valued customer,

Yonatan Stern, ZoomInfo’s CEO, outlined recently our intent to expand and improve our infrastructure to support our rapid growth. To that end we will be installing new hardware in several phases over the course of several days.

This work is not expected to, but may, result in intermittent accessibility issues during the following periods:

Phase 1:
Thursday, July 23rd 10:00 pm ET – Friday, July 24th 6:00 am ET - Completed

Phase 2:
Thursday, July 30th 10:00pm ET – Friday, July 31st 6:00 am ET
Friday, July 31st 10:00pm ET – Saturday, August 1st 6:00 am ET
Saturday, August 1st 10:00 am ET – 4:00pm ET

Phase 3:

Phase 4:

We will make every effort to avoid downtime during these periods but appreciate your understanding during these maintenance windows.

The ZoomInfo Customer Success Team
Customer Success Hotline: (781) 693-7575

Thank you for being a ZoomInfo Customer!

Thank you for being a ZoomInfo Customer!

To show you our appreciation for your recent ZoomInfo purchase, we’d like to send you a gift. But first we want to make sure we have the correct business address to send it to. Please provide us with your business address by filling out the form.

Gaining advantage over the competition is easy with ZoomInfo.

Use ZoomInfo to:

Analyze your contact database and identify your buyer personas

Reach decision makers faster with access to on demand email addresses and direct dial phone numbers

Enhance & grow your contact database


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