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ZoomInfo's productivity tools consistently make our sales, marketing and recruiting clients more effective, but they all have their own unique stories. That's why we've asked some of out clients to share their strategies to success. (Get Adobe Reader)


Assessing the Impact of Dirty Data Sales & Marketing Performance

This DemandGen report provides quantification of bad data's impact and addresses what to do about it.

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Aberdeen Insight Report

Aberdeen collected data regarding the behavior and performance of ZoomInfo customers and best-in-class companies overall. This research brief summarizes these findings.

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10 Quick Wins for Sales and Marketing

A look at the best practices leading companies are employing to improve conversion rates at each phase of the funnel.

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Six Strategies for Kicking your CRM into Overdrive

How to use high-test data to fuel B2B sales and boost CRM performance.

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Basics of Lead Generation - An essential guide

Are you thinking about strategies that you can follow to generate new leads for your business?

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Be the Champion in Today's Compelling Content Challenge

This guide simplifies content marketing by offering four insightful approaches to engaging prospects.

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The Digital Marketing Trinity: Email, Mobile and Social

This guide offers a trio of tips for getting your customers to pay attention to your message.

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Know Your Customers, Know Your Prospects

This guide provides four insightful approaches to understanding customers and building more profitable marketing campaigns.

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