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Uncovering Buyer Personas What Can Your Data Tell You

Hiding in your CRM and Marketing Automation tools are treasure troves of data on the people who interact with your brand and more importantly those who buy. Join ZoomInfo’s Ned Leutz, as he walks you through the steps to analyze and uncover your top buyer personas in order to generate target prospects using ZoomInfo.

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For Sales Professionals

From Click to Close: Ways to Shorten Your Sales Cycle

The quicker the close, the quicker the bank rolls. In this webcast, get tips on ways to generate revenue for your company in a timely manner. You will learn how to get the most from your digital marketing investment, harness the power of good data to ID best prospects, and best practices on following up with a lead.

Unlock the Secrets to Handling Objections

During a cold call, it's not uncommon to get an objection or two from top decision makers. What you do with those objections can make or break a deal. Steve Richard will give you the tools to "Unlock the Secrets to Handling Objections".

Five Ways To Align Sales and Marketing

Sales leader Aaron Ross discusses aligning sales and marketing to build a sales machine that cranks out bookings. Learn how to improve leads, create team standards, focus on how all teams can improve the bottom line.

Seven Prospecting Rules that Produce Leads

Brian shares insights on message mapping and fallback strategies in prospecting that produce great leads.

What Works in Sales Training Now

How can you stretch training dollars further and still ensure you're getting the best possible ROI? Dave Stein, internationally acclaimed sales training expert and CEO of ES Research Group, explains the right way to vet a training vendor and get the top-notch instruction you need to excel.

For Marketers

Killer Prospect Data

Your marketing database can degrade over time–up to 25% at any given point. That directly affects your ability to fill your marketing pipeline and pass leads on to Sales. In this webinar, find out how to supplement the data you already have and leverage it to increase response rates, as well as fill your sales team funnel.

Five Steps to a Better Marketing Database

Conventional B2B wisdom suggests that as much as 2.5 percent of a typical B2B database goes bad every month, or roughly 30 percent each year. So, what's a maintenance-minded marketer to do? In this webinar, Meghan Heuer, Research Director at SiriusDecisions, will show you how to transform your database from a cost center into a strategic asset.

Marketing Automation: Avoiding the "Garbage-In, Garbage-Out" Trap

ZoomInfo and ActOn Software present Marketing Automation: Avoiding the “Garbage-In, Garbage-Out” Trap. Learn best practices surrounding the issues on data quality and list management within your marketing automation system. If you’re one of the 62% of companies who is currently utilizing data that is 20-40% inaccurate, you can benefit greatly from this session.

For Recruiters

The Process Behind the Curtain

Chris Murdock walks you through his process from kick off to mail merge. He explains how he creates the research strategy, identifies his initial slate, and how he reaches out to them. Chris also discusses his Diamond Recruiting Process and the email text strategies he's learned over the years.

Productivity Tools for Name Generation

Learn how to sift through the endless ways to obtain lists of professionals with the target background you are looking for.

Initiating Contact with Prospects and Candidates via Social Media

Carol Mahoney shares her six winning strategies to transform your recruiting organization from barely surviving to thriving in these difficult and uncertain economic times.

How to Mine ZoomInfo for Maximum Results

Lou covers his tactics for performance-based hiring, understanding the psychology of top performers, and whether ZoomInfo is the only tool you need to find passive candidates.

Keywords: Your Key to Finding the Right Candidates

Using keywords as your guide, Chris Murdock will show you how to maximize your online query results and implement time-saving strategies into your recruiting processes.

In Good Company

Thousands of companies rely on ZoomInfo's products and services. It is used by thousands of business professionals, including Fortune 500 companies.

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