Lead Generation Techniques

According to the report "The Most Effective B2B Lead Generation Methods" published by Marketing Profs, below are the top 5 most effective lead generation techniques. The information was gathered from a survey of 423 B2B professionals, the majority of whom (57%) have marketing budgets under $500k.

The most effective lead generation techniques are:

  1. Company Website
  2. Email and Newsletters
  3. Tradeshows and Conferences
  4. Inside Sales
  5. LinkedIn

Resources on Lead Generation Techniques

6 Lead Generation Techniques

Six Tips for Lead Generation in LinkedIn Groups

The way a lot of people use LinkedIn,it might as well be a Rolodex. (Remember those dusty old collections of contacts and business cards you'd aimlessly flip through to find a contact to call?) With all the hype about social media, you've got to hope its tools work better.

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Mining your account book for gold

To find great opportunities in your accounts, you must be like a miner sifting through rocks looking for gold. Whether you have 300 or 3,000 leads in your book, chances are that only a small percent will be gold, quite a few will be fool's gold and most will just be rocks.

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Four tips for stronger calls to action

Beware of asking for a commitment of any kind too early in a relationship. A CTA that reads something like "Apply Now" or "Sign Up Now" might be premature in the body of an email message. "It's like asking someone out on a date before you know his or her first name.

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How much Web form do you really need?

Your messaging worked its charm and now that potential lead has found a way onto your website for a white paper, webinar or other product or service. But getting coveted details from potential clients on your landing page can be a slippery slope, and one that's important to get right.

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