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Find and connect with the right professionals and small businesses

Are you ready to launch your next marketing campaign that would target, acquire and retain the best clients for your business? Join ZoomInfo Connect to get access to the most up-to-date and rapidly growing B2B database in the market, with detailed information of more than business people and businesses!


Design your next marketing campaign to acquire the clients that you have always wanted.

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    An unparalled database

    With ZoomInfo Connect, you can get an access to the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of people and companies available in the market.

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    Deep segmentation

    Data is powerful but only when it is the right kind of data. You can filter the results not just by location and revenue, but also by job function, management level and status of the business.

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    Easy to use

    We have built a tool that is extremely intuitive and effortless to use. You would not require any special training to get started with ZoomInfo Connect.

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    Affordable price

    Need a tool that meets your budget constraints and is flexible enough to meet your needs? ZoomInfo Connect comes with various price plans. You can choose a plan that fits your business requirements the best.

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    Integrated social profiles

    More than 80% of small businesses use at least one social media platform. Thus, we have integrated social media profiles with the business profiles, so that you can research your prospects as best as possible.

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    Retain customers

    Build marketing campaigns to retain your existing customers with our all-the-time updated database, so that you do not have to worry about your prospects that changed their emails or jobs, or if a company just went out of the business.

From our customers

ZoomInfo's business data is the best I have ever used. Our email bounce rate with ZoomInfo data is only 3.5 percent. With ZoomInfo's competitors, it's 15 to 20 percent. We do a lot of email campaigns and none performed as well as the ones that use ZoomInfo. - Bryan Poss, netFactor
We are definitely targeting people more accurately with ZoomInfo. The emails we send and the marketing campaigns we're running are hitting the right people, which has saved us time and helped us close multiple deals in the past year. - David Doucette, Creative Computing Inc.

In good company

Thousands of companies - including 20% of the Fortune 500 - rely on ZoomInfo’s products and services.

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