ZoomInfo Data Services Pricing

Get highly targeted leads, update your entire marketing database and more!

Talk to our data services experts. Tell us what types of buyers you need to reach. We can search on more criteria than any other B2B data provider.

Prices are based on the number of leads you actually receive, so you pay only for the data you need. Plus the data is yours to use as much as you wish.

Need Help?

Want more exports? Have a question? Contact us!

Our team will compile prospect data or clean and append your existing opt-in list.

Protect the integrity of your database with ZoomInfo's Ever Fresh and obtain net-new prospects at a low locked-in price per record. ZoomInfo will keep your database fresh and your accounts updated with a steady stream of contacts at your key prospects. Every 90 days, our data experts will use your search criteria to identify net-new records matching your requirements and offer you fresh contacts at a discounted price.


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