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Common Questions

Who is ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo is the most comprehensive source of business information. Our information can be accessed from searches on ZoomInfo.com or from our subscription products. This information is gathered from the same publicly available web sources that are searched by other major search engines like Yahoo and Google, and accessible to any person surfing the web.

Where does ZoomInfo gets its information?

The short answer is that ZoomInfo found it on the public web. The longer answer is that the information making up a ZoomInfo profile was found on one, dozens, or even hundreds of public sources across the Internet, and intelligently assembled into a single, concise professional profile using ZoomInfo's proprietary technology. You will see a date associated with every online source, which will let you know how recently the text was available on a public web source.

How can I benefit from ZoomInfo products the most?

We have seen that users who use ZoomInfo on a recurring basis benefit from our products the most. ZoomInfo updates its database constantly, and each contact's information is updated at least once in 90 days. A user can take advantage of features, such as alert and saved searches, to keep a track on any change that might happen in the contact's information that you are interested in. This is especially useful if you want to achieve a high ROI with your email marketing campaigns or if you want to use your time effectively while cold calling your prospects.

What are alerts and how can I use them?

Alerts allow you to follow updates made to profiles in the database. You can set alerts on a single person's profile, or on specific search criteria to receive notification when updates have occurred. For example, if a VP of Marketing has left her existing company to join a different one, you will see an alert on the profile the next time you log in to your ZoomInfo account.

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