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Buy B2B Email Lists

Quickly build your own targeted lists of B2B contacts

Power your campaigns with highly accurate B2B information and insights on your targeted prospects and increase relevance to drive revenue with ZoomInfo's new self-service tool. This easy to use application is powered by our industry-leading database of just-verified, in-depth profiles on business professionals and companies.

With ZoomInfo, you can create a gigantic sales pipeline and build targeted contact lists for your marketing campaigns within a matter of minutes, no matter how complex your requirements are. Start new conversations and drive revenue by reaching your ideal buyers quickly and effectively.

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    Build Your Lists Faster

    Create sophisticated queries in real time and pull the information you need within minutes.

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    Use Your Leads Quicker

    Incorporate your newly acquired contacts into your CRM or marketing automation database quickly and easily.

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    Reach Your Targeted Prospects

    Upload a list of your target companies and bring back key contacts from only the accounts you care most about. You can control and limit the number of contacts from each company within your campaign.

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    Avoid Costly Repurchases

    Upload your existing B2B contacts and generate a unique and ready to use list.

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    Segment Your Market

    Acquire high-quality, segmented lists based on industry, company location and size, revenue, title, job function, and keywords using the step-by-step wizard.

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    Run More Successful Campaigns

    By fueling your campaigns with highly actionable B2B information, you’re ensuring that your emails reach your prospects and that your database is clean and actionable.

From our customers

The breadth of contact information and company level info with in the ZoomInfo database combined with the accuracy of it has allowed us to outpace industry growth. - Mark Godley VP of Market Development, ConnectAndSell
ZoomInfo’s business data is the best I’ve used. Our email bounce rate with ZoomInfo data is only 3.5 percent. With ZoomInfo’s competitors, it’s 15 to 20 percent. - Bryan Poss, Senior marketing director, netFactor

In good company

Thousands of companies - including 20% of the Fortune 500 - rely on ZoomInfo’s products and services.

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