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Did you know within one year, more than 70 percent of B2B data will have one or more changes? How much of your prospect data is outdated or incomplete? ZoomInfo can fix your outdated contact database as well as add net new contacts to help your marketing programs thrive. When we help marketers our data analysts will analyze your existing database, help identify and update outdated information, and can add net new contacts in areas where your business has had past success.

Through ZoomInfo's patented technology and our community of over 100,000 + members we gather and analyze over 26 Million segments of B2B data per day, updating business data as it changes in real time. Only ZoomInfo updates 250,000 business profiles and adds 25,000 new business contacts every day.

When you partner with ZoomInfo we help your B2B Marketing operations:

B2B Marketing

Clean, update and complete your entire database

Goodbye stale leads. Hello clean, healthy prospect data. We'll replace outdated information and fill in partial records, adding emails, titles, direct phone numbers and other just-verified data. You pay only for the records we deliver.

We'll build you a new prospect list or freshen your existing one

Our data experts will discuss your needs and send you an accurate, up-to-date list of potential prospects. We can also append new contacts and missing information to your in-house list.

Continue to grow your prospect database ... up to 5% a month

Get a steady stream of targeted, brand new leads every 90 days. Keep your data "ever fresh" at an affordable price-per-record, guaranteed not to change during your contract term.