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Select prospects that are exactly targeted to your market. Search using 20+ criteria in combination with keywords and phrases to reach more buyers.
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Break some ice and make instant connections with your prospects. Our profiles include colleges attended, board affiliations, personal interests and up to 12 years of Web mentions.
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Every year, 40 million people change jobs. ZoomInfo helps you keep up. Search millions of just-verified profiles by 20+ criteria. Save and export your lists and keep your pipeline full.
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Thousands of companies rely on ZoomInfo's products and services. It is used by thousands of business professionals, including Fortune 500 companies.

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ZoomInfo Pro

The most powerful, time-saving, revenue-boosting and accurate prospecting tool on the market. Get updates within Salesforce.

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Data Services

Our data experts can fill your prospect database with new leads, update stale records and complete partial records.

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Community Edition

Contribute your business contacts with an automated tool and get many of ZoomInfo Pro's features for free (no credit card, no obligation).

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Integrate ZoomInfo's just-verfied B2B data and advanced search tools directly into your application.

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