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When it comes to finding buyers, it's who you know and what you know about them that matters. Get access to detailed, accurate information on people and companies with more direct dial phone numbers and email addresses than anyone else in the marketplace. The advanced prospecting functionality allows you to target prospects with precision, so you can instantly hone in on the people most likely to buy.

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Quickly build targeted lists of B2B contacts in a matter of minutes for your marketing campaigns and sales outreach efforts. Find key contact information on decision makers and influencers at the companies you care about most. Start new conversations by reaching your ideal buyers quickly and effectively.

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Gain deeper insight into your B2B database to identify your buyer personas and replicate campaign success by fueling your funnel with new, targeted contacts similar to your best buyers. Improve your marketing campaigns with highly actionable data, enabling better segmentation, deliverability and response.

Run an analysis today to start driving more revenue to your organization quickly.

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Fill in the gaps in your database. Whether you need direct dial phone numbers, email addresses or valuable company information, you can gather the data you need in minutes. Cleanse your database of bad or duplicate records and maintain your data hygiene.

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Maximize your conversion rates and minimize your forms. Reduce the number of form fields and increase the likeliness that visitors will provide you with their information, resulting in more submissions and field accuracy. With FormComplete you can seamlessly gather important demographic and firmographic information into your marketing instance, without asking for it.

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Data Integrations

Find key decision makers, analyze your data and shorten the time it takes to convert leads to customers without ever downloading a single spreadsheet. Data Integrations allows you to import Salesforce.com data directly into ZoomInfo through a seamless integration, providing you with access to advanced tools without the need for manual files.

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Salesforce.com Plugin

Add the ZoomInfo tab to your Salesforce.com environment and access sophisticated search tools to build a new list of Leads or Accounts. Import detailed ZoomInfo profiles directly into your Salesforce.com CRM and de-dupe against existing records to avoid purchasing contacts you already have. Fill in missing information and update data on your existing Leads, Accounts and Contacts leveraging ZoomInfo’s comprehensive B2B database. You must have an existing ZoomInfo account to use the Salesforce.com plugin. If you do not have a ZoomInfo account, please contact our sales team at 866-904-9666. View the Installation Guide

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Stop wasting time researching your prospects and digging for direct contact information. With ZoomInfo ReachOut, you can easily find direct phone numbers and business email addresses for professionals with a LinkedIn or ZoomInfo profile. ReachOut is a Chrome extension. Simply install it, head to the profile of your choice and click the ReachOut icon in your toolbar. You’ll have the data you need in seconds.

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