You can search for Companies a number of ways, but here are the most common:

  • Use the Company Name field
  • Use the Industry Keywords field
  • Use the Company Advanced Criteria Window and use the industry, company type and size checkboxes

Company Keywords using the Company Name field

Enter your target company name(s). Try to choose the shortest, most common version of the company name (e.g. Kodak instead of Eastman Kodak).

TIP: Search for several companies in one search by using the search operator OR between several names of companies. For example, Microsoft OR Intel OR IBM would return names of people from all three companies.

TIP: You can also use this field to search for a company using its stock ticker (e.g. MSFT for Microsoft) or corporate website address (e.g. for Ford Motor Company)

Using the Industry Keywords field

See the Industry Search page for more information.

Using the Company Advanced Criteria Window

Opening the window allows you to search using our comprehensive industries list, by type of organization and by revenue and employee count.

See the Company Advanced Criteria page for more information.

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