Use the Location Advanced Criteria Window to target people and companies located in a specific US state/Canadian province, major US and Canadian metro regions, country, or US ZIP Code.

After making selections in the window, you can click the Done button to collapse the window.  If you click Done, all active criteria will now appear with a checkmark next to it.

Done Button for Location Criteria

To de-activate criteria simply click on it so it is no longer checked.  If you see criteria you don’t plan on using again, you can clear it by clicking the X next to it. To remove all criteria you do not plan on using again soon, click Remove All.

Remove All Link for Location Criteria

TIP: Click the arrows to the left of US States/ US Metro Regions/ Canadian Provinces/ Canadian Metro Regions to expand those selections.

NOTE: Selecting a metro region could return locations beyond the state’s borders.

TIP: Using the ZIP Codes filter, you can search in a radius of 10, 25, 50, 100, or 250 miles. Simply make an adjustment in the drop-down box.

TIP: Search on multiple ZIP Codes using the word or.  For example, you can enter 02452 or 60657 or 90210 in the ZIP code field to search on all ZIP codes at a time.

NOTE: At the present time, you cannot use Canadian postal codes.

You are able to search more than one ZIP Code at a time using the ZIP Code field.  Use the word or between each ZIP code you would like to use.  For example 60601 or 60602 or 60603.


Use the radio buttons to show people employed by a company that is headquartered in the location(s) you selected (the people could still be located elsewhere such as a branch location), to show people in the location(s) you selected (regardless of where the company is headquartered), or Both.

NOTE: People located at this location will only return people for whom ZoomInfo has evidence they are in the selected location, and ZoomInfo does not have this information for all people.

Saving a LocationSave Location Link in Location Criteria

If there are locations you would like to define as Saved Locations so you can easily search them in the future, select the appropriate locations and click the 'Save selected locations' link at the bottom.  Then give your Saved Location a name and click OK.

To search your Saved Location in the future open the Locations window, check off the Saved Location and click Done.

For more information on saving your location, see our ZoomInfo PRO Quick Tips video.

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