The ZoomInfo search results pages are equipped with a number of useful tools so you can search for people within certain companies, save selected profiles into a List, export selected profiles out of our system, or print a hard copy. Look for the appropriate button just above the list of names in the search results and follow these instructions:

Selecting a Profile

To select a profile, click on the checkbox to the left of the company name. To select all profiles on a page of search results, click the Select Page button in the tool bar above the column headings.

You can also clear your selections by clicking the Deselect button to the right of the Select Page button.

Company Results Tools

Find People

The Find People feature allows you to search for employees within companies in your results.  After selecting companies you want to target, click Find People to search for employees of those companies.  You can then refine the results by editing your search criteria on the left.

NOTE: You can find people by selecting up to 25 companies.

Add to List

Click Add to List to save selected records into a new or existing list.  You can access these lists at a later date by clicking the Lists link at the top of the page.

For more information on saving a list, see our ZoomInfo PRO Quick Tips video.


Clicking Export allows you to export one or more selected records from ZoomInfo in a spreadsheet format. After selecting profiles, click on Export and a box will appear with three exporting selections: The records selected, A list of, and All. Make your selection and click Export List. Your data will open as a .CSV file that can be saved as a Microsoft Excel worksheet.

A list of will produce a random selection of entries from your search.

All will export all records.

If you wish to exclude records you have exported previously, click the box that says Exclude previously exported records.

You will not be charged export credits if the record was already exported in the last 6 months.

To retrieve your export file, click Lists at the top of ZoomInfo Pro and then Exported Lists. See Working With Exported Lists for more information on how to retrieve your list.

NOTE: The maximum number of records that can be exported at one time is 100,000.

NOTE: Not all ZoomInfo subscribers have access to the export function, and those who do can export a limited number of records. If you try to export and receive an error message telling you that there are no records available for export, please contact your sales representative to purchase.

Save Search

Clicking Save Search will allow you to save the search criteria you used to build your list.  You can save up to 75 searches in ZoomInfo Pro.  The difference between Save Search and Add to List is that Save Search saves your criteria, while Add to List saves the records on your list.

You can also set one search as your Default Search.  The Default Search will automatically run each time you sign in to ZoomInfo Pro.   You can also run the Default Search by clicking on the ZoomInfo logo in the upper left corner of the page.  To set your Default Search, click Save Search and give your search a name.  Before clicking Save at the bottom, check off the box next to where it says "Make this your default search?".  To remove your default search, hover over My Saved Seaches in the upper left corner and identify the search with the asterix (*) next to it.  Click the gray pencil to the right and uncheck "Make this your default search?".

Editing a default search


Click Print to create a printer-friendly version of the results that can be printed using your web browser's print function.

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