The Account page gives you access to your account details as described below. You can access these tools by clicking Account at the top right of any page of ZoomInfo Pro.

Account Information

When you click Account, you are taken to the Account Information page. You can view your User Information on this page, such as your username, company, full name, Title, department and phone number.

Click the Edit button to change your Name, Title, Department or Phone.

Password Change Button

Your password can be changed on the Account Information page as well, by clicking the Change Password button and entering your old password and the one you prefer to use. We suggest that you change the default password assigned to you by ZoomInfo and choosing a personalized password that is easy for you to remember and hard for others to guess. You can change this password as often as you wish.

Click Reset Password if you do not recall your password and need a new one sent to you.

Account Preferences

You can change your Account Preferences to place the Person's Name search field at the very top of your search, rather than in the Person Advanced Criteria.  To change this setting click Edit and then check the box that says "Show Person's Name search field at top."  When you return to your search page, you will see the Person's Name search field at the very top of your choices.

Person's Name field at the top of the search

Export Activity

This will display the number of people profiles you have exported and how many export credits you have left.

Your Activity

This will display the number of times you have accessed ZoomInfo and the date your account was created.

Connect with

To utilize the ZoomInfo for Salesforce application you will need an API key that must be retrieved here. You can download the application at Please be sure to go to the Details tab to download the 'ZoomInfo for Salesforce Installation Guide' which walks you through the entire setup process.

Country Code is US Connecting IP is,