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Just-verified, high quality leads and superior segmenting

Within a year, more than 70 percent of B2B data will have one or more changes. How much of your prospect data is outdated or incomplete? Experts estimate 60-80 percent. That's how much data we fix when we help marketers get new leads, update stale ones and fill in missing fields for incomplete leads.

Pinpoint your buyers

Select prospects that are exactly targeted to your market. Search using 20+ criteria in combination with keywords and phrases to reach more buyers.

Keep your CRM updated, always

Power your prospect database with updated records: just-verified titles, phone numbers and email addresses. No more high bounce rates.

Complete partial leads

Building organic lists? ZoomInfo can turn "just email" records into a full profile with vital details that allow you to quickly qualify and segment your data.

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ZoomInfo Data Services

Our data experts can fill your prospect database with new leads, update stale records and complete partial records with data that delivers at over 85%!

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