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For many marketing departments Email Marketing has one of this highest ROI for all marketing channels. There are many benefits to using email marketing as a marketing channel over traditional channels. For starters only email marketing allows companies to send prospects real-time personalized messages to a segmented audience. This allows companies to send very targeted messages to select audiences with a much more intimate personalized message. Another benefit to using email marketing as a marketing channel is the abundance of data marketers receive shortly after sending out a message. Many success metrics are instantly available including: email open rates, click through rates, registration conversion rates, and the ability to attribute revenue back to the exact message that triggered the sale.

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Email Marketing Resources:

Email Marketing

The Digital Marketing Trinity: Email, Mobile and Social

This guide offers a trio of tips for getting your customers to pay attention to your message.

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5 tips to empower your email marketing

Email is here to stay and has proven to be a very effective way to drive engagement with consumers. Here are five things you should focus on to drive maximum engagement.

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Marketing in the Mobile Email Revolution

What does this mean if you're trying to reach people via email? First, people are on the run. Consumers don't read emails the same way on phones as they do on desktops. Understanding these differences will inform your design. For example, mobile email users don't scan email, they prioritize it.

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Mobile Email Optimization and What to Consider

It's clear that mobile email viewing is skyrocketing. Remember the saying "You only get one chance to make a first impression?" Well, that is the case with email on mobile. Eighty-eight percent of people check their email on a mobile phone daily.

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Why Now Is the Time to Invest in Email Innovation

Publishers are just starting to understand what retailers have known for years: emailing consumers drives traffic. And until now, publishers sent email for only one reason: to drive site traffic. Traffic means revenue in the form of ad impressions. But these ad impressions came at a steep cost.

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14 Email Subject Line Hacks

The SXSW conference has always been known for the quirky session titles it inspires. The competition for panel slots is intense, with 3,000 panel submissions presented for 2012 alone. Part of the selection process involves voting by the public. So, an effective title gets attention when garnering votes for a panel.

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Getting the Click: 8 Tips for Increasing CTR

"The most important thing to do to increase click-through rates is to be relevant, interesting and useful," said Mike Volpe, CMO at HubSpot, an all-in-one marketing software company, told ZoomInsights.

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Improving Email Relevance

In email marketing, if compelling content is king, then relevance is undoubtedly queen. Marketers strive to make their messages meaningful enough to avoid the dreaded "unsubscribe."

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6 Tactics to Create More 'Must-Read' B2B Newsletters

A regularly published B2B email newsletter is a staple of most B2B digital marketing strategies. They are a cost-effective, if inefficient, way to nurture prospects and help maintain a relationship over a client's lifetime.

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Marketers concerned about keeping subscribers

When you think about your B2B email marketing program, what keeps you awake at night? If it's keeping people from removing themselves from your mailing list, you're in good company. That's one of the findings of a recent ZoomInsights survey.

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It takes a team

As an email agency the question of what it takes to run an outstanding email program is important. We spend a fair amount of time looking at how enterprises manage their marketing, particularly their direct and digital messaging.

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