ZoomInfo for Marketers

ZoomInfo for Marketing

For over a decade the data experts at ZoomInfo have been helping customers analyze their data to unlock hidden opportunities. Now is your turn to see what they can do for you. Power your campaigns with targeted, accurate data. Reduce bounce rates, improve message relevance and increase marketing's contribution to the bottom line.

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Get ready for your highest lead-to-revenue conversion. Ever.

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Identify and target the best people

ZoomInfo provides high quality prospect lists to fuel your marketing campaigns and help you reach the right people. We identify the best people for you to target in your direct marketing efforts.

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Build a bigger pipeline

Use shorter online forms in your landing pages to increase conversions – and we’ll help to fill in the missing data.

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Convert more leads into customers

Score incoming leads using a variety of criteria that ZoomInfo provides. Convert more leads into customers.

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Keep growing

Don’t stop here. Keep your databases fresh and continuously updated.

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From Our Customers

ZoomInfo's business data is the best I have ever used. Our email bounce rate with ZoomInfo data is only 3.5 percent. With ZoomInfo's competitors, it's 15 to 20 percent. We do a lot of email campaigns and none performed as well as the ones that use ZoomInfo.

- Bryan Poss, netFactor

We are definitely targeting people more accurately with ZoomInfo. The emails we send and the marketing campaigns we're running are hitting the right people, which has saved us time and helped us close multiple deals in the past year.

- David Doucette, Creative Computing Inc.

Success Story: netFactor

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