Community Edition (Free)

Join more than 60,000 ZoomInfo users who automatically share their business contacts in exchange for free access to ZoomInfo.

Thank you for installing the ZoomInfo Community Edition! Now that you have joined the ZoomInfo community, you can search the ZoomInfo Database for information about millions of business people and companies in exchange for automatically sharing your business contacts with the ZoomInfo Community Edition plug-in.

To complete the process, open your Outlook software application to connect with the ZoomInfo system and activate your ZoomInfo CE account.

Once you have completed this step, your ZoomInfo Community Edition username and password will be delivered via email to the email address connected with your Outlook software. Keep in mind that you must be an active user of Outlook to be eligible for ZoomInfo CE, and we can only provide access to community members who contribute business contacts to ZoomInfo.

If you need help, or have questions or feedback, please contact us via email.

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