Interested in providing your clients with the most authoritative B2B data on the market? Consider ZoomInfo.

Our continuously updated, detailed profiles on businesspeople and businesses are second to none. We've been pioneering proprietary technologies for over a decade and our team of experts can provide an array of dependable data delivery options (including our API and file delivery in XML or .CSV).

It's all about win-win business models. We are close collaborators with our partners, helping them bring the best possible business data to their customers in the most innovative and efficient ways.

Current partners

Our business information is currently integrated into  dozens of leading brands' applications, including:

  • CRM systems
  • Marketing automation platforms
  • Risk management and compliance software
  • Applicant tracking systems
  • Non-profit donor research tools
  • Employment tools and job search services
  • Competitive intelligence applications
  • SaaS solutions (for insurance, global trade, historical research and education)

Partnership programs

ZoomInfo's just-verified, detailed B2B data can bring added value to your company's products. We offer a variety of business models to support our partners' unique needs, including:

  • Data licensing: We license data to partners for integration into their products and services.
  • Resellers agreements: ZoomInfo provides customized data sets to other business information providers, helping them augment their offerings.
  • Referral program: Refer your customers to ZoomInfo and if they purchase our products, we'll give you a percentage of the contract value.