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The Solution Group, LLC Teams with Zoom Information to Add Talent Sourcing to End-to-End Human Capital Solution

Solution Group is ZoomInfo Strategic Selling Arm Under Terms of Agreement

June 1, 2005 - Southfield, MI - The Solution Group (TSG) ( and Zoom Information Inc. (, announced an agreement for TSG to market the ZoomInfo Professional people search engine as part of the suite of Human Capital technology and service offerings TSG provides to companies and large global organizations. ZoomInfo Professional enables companies to search for hidden talent within other organizations, potential hires who are not actively seeking a new position but may be a perfect fit, as well as for sales leads and business intelligence data. TSG's end-to-end Human Capital solution satisfies needs from sourcing through e-learning and assessment to ultimately improve workforce staffing, reduce employee and HR process costs and increase overall business performance.

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Zoom Information Reports Record First Quarter Growth

Traffic to Skyrockets 8,000% With Launch of Free People Search Site

April 26, 2005 - CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - Zoom Information Inc., (, the search engine that extracts and summarizes people information, today reported continued profitability and rapid sales growth in the first quarter of 2005. Zoom Information, formerly Eliyon Technologies, added a new free people search engine in March, driving an 8,000% surge in traffic to the company's Web destination as millions used ZoomInfo to investigate and manage their online presence. During the same quarter the company continued its strong performance in its established enterprise marketplace, signing 162 customers including 20th Century Fox, Boston Celtics, Chevy Chase Bank, Clear Channel Communications, Clorox, KPMG, Liberty Mutual, Limited Brands, Qualcomm and Sybase.

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Zoom Information Appoints Meira Primes as Vice President of Marketing

Marketing Veteran to Guide Search Company Expansion into New Markets

Apr. 5, 2005 - CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - Zoom Information Inc. (formerly Eliyon Technologies Corporation), the search engine that extracts and summarizes people information, today announced that Meira Primes has joined the company as vice president of marketing. Primes is responsible for the overall marketing, brand and communications strategy and implementation for Zoom Information.

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Eliyon Technologies Corp. Changes Name to Zoom Information Inc.

Strengthens Core B2B Business Model and Launches New ZoomInfo Free Consumer Search

Mar. 21, 2005 - CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - Eliyon Technologies Corporation today became Zoom Information, Inc. (, the search engine that extracts and summarizes people information. Zoom Information and its product name, ZoomInfo, were chosen to describe the capability they deliver for users to "Zoom-In" on information about people using a summarization search engine, which currently includes summaries of 25 million people. ZoomInfo's people summaries include work history, education and other information, all compiled from pages from multiple sources across the Web.

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25 Million Searchable Summaries of People Information With New ZoomInfo

Summarization Search Engine Creates Individual Summaries of People, Searchable by Name, Company or University

Mar. 21, 2005 - CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - Zoom Information, Inc. (formerly Eliyon Technologies Corporation), the search engine that extracts and summarizes people information, today launched ZoomInfo (, with 25 million individual summaries of information about people. ZoomInfo allows users to "Zoom-In" on their Web identities and quickly and easily see a summarized version of what the Web says about them, which they can then register as their own, update, and correct. Users can "Zoom-In" on colleagues, business partners, customers, potential employers, job candidates or even dates. Users can search by a person's name, with or without a company, and can also search for lists of all the summaries for employees of a specific company, alumni of a university or all the people ever mentioned on a certain Web site. People can also go to ZoomInfo to create new summaries, thus creating their own Web sites.

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