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25 Million Searchable Summaries of People Information With New ZoomInfo

Summarization Search Engine Creates Individual Summaries of People, Searchable by Name, Company or University

Mar. 21, 2005 - CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - Zoom Information, Inc. (formerly Eliyon Technologies Corporation), the search engine that extracts and summarizes people information, today launched ZoomInfo (, with 25 million individual summaries of information about people. ZoomInfo allows users to "Zoom-In" on their Web identities and quickly and easily see a summarized version of what the Web says about them, which they can then register as their own, update, and correct. Users can "Zoom-In" on colleagues, business partners, customers, potential employers, job candidates or even dates. Users can search by a person's name, with or without a company, and can also search for lists of all the summaries for employees of a specific company, alumni of a university or all the people ever mentioned on a certain Web site. People can also go to ZoomInfo to create new summaries, thus creating their own Web sites.

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Jan. 04, 2005 - PRINCETON, N.J. and CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -, The Wall Street Journal's executive career guide, has partnered with Eliyon Technologies, the premier business search engine, to launch a new tool for its visitors called "Executive Locator."

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Eliyon Reports Record Third Quarter 2004 Growth

Third Quarter Sales Nearly 210% of Same Period 2003 Adds More Than 130 New Enterprise License Customers

November 18, 2004 - CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - Eliyon Technologies Corporation, (, a next-generation business search engine, today reported that it achieved record sales and signed a record number of new customers in the third quarter of 2004. Sales for the quarter were nearly 210% of sales compared to the same period in 2003, and put the company in the black for its eighth consecutive fiscal quarter. During the quarter, Eliyon added more than 130 new customers, including Barron's, Boise Office Solutions, Brinks Home Security, the Canadian Embassy, Daimler Chrysler, Eastman Chemical, Harrah's Entertainment, Indiana University, Johnson and Johnson, Knight-Ridder, Liz Claiborne, PepsiAmericas, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Samsung Telecommunications, Warner Bros. Entertainment, and more. In a separate announcement today, Eliyon announced that Vulcan Capital, the investment group of Paul G. Allen, has invested in the company.

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Vulcan Capital Invests in Eliyon, a Next-Generation Business Search Engine

November 18, 2004 - CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - Eliyon Technologies Corporation, (, a next generation business search engine, announced today that Vulcan Capital, the investment group of Paul G. Allen, invested in the company, joining Eliyon stakeholders Venrock Associates, Flagship Ventures, Ascent Venture Partners and Commonwealth Capital. The Vulcan investment concludes the investment round that began with Venrock Associates, as announced in July 2004. Eliyon has generated positive cash flow for eight consecutive quarters, and in a separate announcement today, Eliyon reported nearly 210% growth in sales for the same period in 2003, and the addition of more than 130 new customers, including Barron's, Daimler Chrysler, PepsiAmericas, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Warner Bros. Entertainment, and more.

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The Human Capital Institute Welcomes Eliyon as Global Underwriter

Joint initiatives underway to bring new education and events to HCI members

September 27, 2004 - WASHINGTON, DC - The Human Capital Institute (HCI) today announced the addition of Eliyon Technologies, the leading provider of business people information, as a Global Underwriter. HCI and Eliyon are already actively collaborating on several projects to bring enhanced educational opportunities and strategic solutions to the HCI member community.

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