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ZoomInfo Puts New Spin on Traditional Job Boards With Launch of Passive Candidate Marketing Platform

JobCast delivers qualified and interested potential candidates directly to recruiters' inboxes; expands internal referrral networks to 29 million business people

Mar. 15, 2006 - Waltham, Mass. and San Diego, CA - Zoom Information, Inc., the search engine for discovering people, companies and relationships, has accelerated and simplified the process of targeting, communicating with and qualifying potential candidates. ZoomInfo's flagship product PowerSearch can now be purchased with JobCast (, an integrated email and campaign management platform. Unlike traditional job boards that often deliver heaps of unqualified resumes, JobCast automates the candidate targeting process by giving recruiters the power to select exact matches from over 29 million business professionals and allowing potential candidates to self-select and pre-qualify themselves for specific positions. JobCast additionally has an automated referral mechanism to help recruiters tap into external referral networks and fill pipelines for future openings.

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Zoom Information Accelerates Growth With Record Revenue and Customer Acquisition in Fourth Quarter 2005

Search Engine Signed More than 200 New Customers, Doubled Traffic and Trippled Registrations of Personal Summaries in Q4

February 6, 2006 - Waltham, Mass. - Zoom Information, Inc., ( the search engine for discovering people, companies and relationships, accelerated it's rapid growth in the fourth quarter by setting an all-time record for revenue and customer acquisition. More than 200 corporate and executive recruiter customers contracted for ZoomInfo's flagship product PowerSearch in Q4, pushing revenues 50% higher than the preceding quarter. Industry-leading companies that signed during the quarter include AIMCO, Amgen, Biogen, Fedex, Dollar General, H&R Block, IBM, JC Penney, Kinkos, Perot Systems, Perry Ellis, Pitney Bowes, Raytheon, Quiznos, Staples, State Street, Verisign and Webex. Nearly 30% of the Fortune 100 are ZoomInfo customers.

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ZoomInfo Patents Computer Method and Apparatus for Collecting People and Organization Information

First Summarization Search Engine

February 6, 2006 - Waltham, Mass. - Zoom Information, Inc., ( the search engine for discovering people, companies and relationships, has been awarded its third patent. The new patent (United States Patent 6,983,282) protects a computer method and apparatus for collecting people and organization information from Web sites. ZoomInfo's patented summarization search engine has built the world's largest database of business people information including 29 million summaries of business people and two million company summaries.

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Jan. 17, 2006- Waltham, Mass. - Zoom Information, Inc., ( the search engine that has compiled the world's largest index of business people, is now the default source of people information for on its Web site is a subsidiary of that researches and builds innovative search technologies for its own site and for

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Zoominfo Exposes Relationships in New Search Engine

Colleagues, Friends and Competitors Served up alongside Photos, User Feedback and More in Deep Summaries of People and Company Information

New ZoomInfo Content Agreements with BNET ( for reference content and for jobs

December 5, 2005 - WALTHAM, Mass. - Zoom Information, Inc., ( the search engine that extracts and summarizes people information from the Web, now exposes automatically built lists of colleagues and relationships in its summaries. Enabling instant networking and discovery, the relationships that ZoomInfo has uncovered using artificial intelligence are published in open, free search results along with photos and any personal information that individual users add to their summaries. Company summaries, formerly in limited beta release, now include financial information, key employees, competitor search and more.

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