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ZoomInfo Leads Other Marketing Data Vendors in Independent Study

November 7, 2013 — WALTHAM, Mass. — ZoomInfo’s B2B prospect data performed best in a recent independent study of 15 data providers. ConnectAndSell, provider of a cloud-based service that automatically calls high volumes of prospects for companies, conducted the study to determine which vendor’s data enabled agents to reach buyers in the fewest number of calls.

ConnectAndSell evaluated data using a metric called the “dial-to-connect ratio” (DTCR). It measures the number of calls required to reach targeted contacts personally (not a screener or gatekeeper). After placing thousands of calls to phone numbers found in vendor data files, ConnectAndSell discovered that DTCR typically ranged from 25 to 60. But ZoomInfo data performed much better.

“ZoomInfo blew us away by averaging around 10 dials to one connect," said Mark Godley, ConnectAndSell's vice-president of market development. "Not only was ZoomInfo's data 50% better than the closest competitor, it was 2½ times better than the average across a composite of every data vendor in the market — a massive and incredibly important difference.”

ZoomInfo founder and CEO Yonatan Stern said, “Every vendor of B2B prospect data claims high quality but this is the first independent study we know of that actually compares the products in a real-world environment. We are pleased to have independent confirmation of how B2B companies can improve sales effectiveness by using our data. B2B marketers should also take note, because such completeness and accuracy is also important in data used for marketing automation.”

Click here for more information about ConnectAndSell’s study.

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