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Eliyon Technologies Awarded its First U.S. Patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

October 14, 2003 - CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - Eliyon Technologies, a leading information services provider, announced today that it has been issued the first of several patents pending with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. U.S. patent #6,618,717 B1 describes 27 claims for software to automatically identify the content owner of Web site. The company's patented "Computer Method and Apparatus for Determining Content Owner of a Web site" is completely automated using statistical algorithms, furthering the revolutionary process of new content creation spearheaded by Eliyon.

"When people go to a web site, they take into account who published the content when reading and evaluating the information on the site. Every website is published by a legal entity, whether it's an individual, an institution, or a company," said Yonatan Stern, president and CEO of Eliyon Technologies. "However, unlike books, this information is not standardized or even immediately apparent on a site, making it difficult for computers to capture it automatically. To illustrate the importance of this invention, let's assume that a computer reads the entire web site of a company, including the 'Contact Us,' 'Products,' and 'Management Team' sections. To a human reader, it is obvious that the address relates to the company that published the site, that the products are produced by this company, and that the management team works at this address. However, for a computer, if the identity of the publisher, i.e. the company, is not automatically established, there is no way to connect these pieces of information correctly. This patent, which is one of several we have filed, is used in our automated production line, which generates 15,000 profiles of people a day."

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