Santosh Sharan

Vice President of Growth & Strategy

Santosh Sharan is the Vice President of Growth & Strategy at ZoomInfo, but he is also the company’s Chief Entrepreneur. Sharan is constantly evaluating new business models and refining how we do things at ZoomInfo. In this role, he drives business growth through continuous improvements, growth hacking and deep analytics.

Prior to joining Zoominfo, Sharan founded multiple technology companies. His last company, Keisense Inc was acquired by Nuance Communications. Sharan has also led multiple product and engineering teams in media, technology, finance and pharmaceuticals related ventures.

Outside of ZoomInfo, Sharan remains a true innovator at heart with an impressive 18 approved/pending technology patents to his name. In his free time, Sharan enjoys watching movies, particularly Sci-Fi films, and reading up on philosophy.


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