Hila Nir

Vice President of Marketing

Hila Nir joined ZoomInfo in early 2011 and currently serves as vice president of marketing. Nir heads ZoomInfo’s lead generation and branding strategy through outbound and inbound marketing, including email campaigns, Website optimization, content marketing, advertising and social media.

Prior to ZoomInfo, Nir served as a team manager in Brooks-Keret, Israel’s leading financial services company, managing a team of 12 professionals and supporting the financial activity of more than 50 clients. Before Brooks-Keret Nir served as a senior Business analyst in Giza Singer Even, the largest financial advisory and investment banking firm in Israel, where she specializes in valuations and financial advisory to major public and private companies in the communication, real estate and industrial segments. Nir was also a senior auditor at Ernst & Young.

Hila Nir is a certified accountant in Israel and holds a B.A in accounting and economics from the Hebrew University and an MA in economics from Bar-Ilan University.


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