Eugenia Gillan

Vice President Engineering

Eugenia joined the ZoomInfo management team in November of 2009 as VP of engineering. She brings more than 20 years of software and quality experience to the position, along with a proven record of building and catalyzing engineering teams to plan and deploy products for global markets. She is currently charged with driving ZoomInfo's development of groundbreaking data acquisition and delivery technologies.

Prior to joining ZoomInfo, Eugenia served as VP of engineering at NICE Systems (Performix Technologies), where she directed core product development and testing for the Company's performance management software solutions. Before that, Eugenia was VP of engineering at SavaJe Technologies, a pre-IPO company responsible for the development of a powerful java-based OS for the mobile phone market.

Eugenia also led engineering at Wildfire Communications, a voice-activated telecommunications software company that was acquired by France Telecom/Orange. She has also held various positions at Fortune 500 software companies over the course of her career.

She holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Leningrad University and a master's in computer science from Northeastern University. In her spare time, Eugenia coaches a local girls swim team and enjoys traveling with both the team and her family.

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