Why Sales at ZoomInfo?

We don’t call them the Sales Dream Team for nothing!

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Our clients love our solution which is very rewarding. They see results and continuously come back to buy more. This is great as a sales rep., we make more money and our clients are happy. It’s really a win-win.” Scott Littrell, Manager, New Business Sales
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From a personal standpoint ZoomInfo meets that sweet spot for me. Your value is seen and if you want to advance to the next level you just have to speak on it. ZoomInfo really supports the loyalty of their employees.” Kristin Hall, Account Manager
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Our customers’ problems are rapidly changing as the market that we serve is rapidly changing and it’s that opportunity to understand that problem, dive into it and come up with a creative way to solve it that really excites me.” Ned Leutz, Manager, New Business Sales
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One of the things that really excites me about coming to work at ZoomInfo is the people. I have a really good team behind me. Everyone is always giving pointers and constructive criticism. ” Andrea Osborne, Assc. Account Executive
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A great part of my job is the conversations I get to have with clients on a daily basis. Figuring out where they are already succeeding, where they are struggling and how we can help best solve the business problems they have.” Carolyn Birsky, Account Executive
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I love the ability to build business relationships, and taking my accounts to the next level by really understanding their pain points and how ZoomInfo can help them now and in the future with our data capabilities.” James Hannoosh, Director, R&G Team

Why Sales?

At ZoomInfo, our clients challenge us to take a consultative approach to understand the root cause of their problems and to deliver comprehensive strategic solutions tailored to their specific needs. Our sales culture is collaborative with a healthy dose of competitive spirit. We help each other succeed and let our results speak for themselves.

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The people

Independently driven with a team mentality.

Our products

Our clients find great value in our products, making them exciting to sell.

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The money

We offer competitive compensation and with no commission cap.

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