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At ZoomInfo, we value intellectual honesty and measure success based on results.

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I get to go out and talk to current clients, potential clients or just people in the industry and find out what problems they are having. I then bring that feedback back to our team and present it to the best and brightest engineers to figure out a way to solve those problems. ” Brendan Howard, Head of Product Marketing

Why Product Management?

Our product team here at ZoomInfo is successful in generating market research and talking to a broad range of customers and prospects to fully understand their needs, objectives and workflows to become experts in the competitive landscape. We work closely with all of the teams at ZoomInfo to ensure that our products are the best when they go to market. We are constantly exploring ways to exceed our clients’ needs and are driven to build products that matter.

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The people

We work in a collaborative environment with the rest of the teams, including engineering, sales and marketing.

Our products

We are consistently communicating with our clients to ensure their feedback is considered when developing new solutions!

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Our ideas matter

We are looked to for well thought out recommendations and to manage the entire life cycle of product.

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