Engineering at ZoomInfo?

At ZoomInfo, we value innovation, encourage a team-based approach, expect accountability and reward results.

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Data is what we eat, drink and sleep here at Zoominfo. I get really excited coming into work everyday. ” Peter Sparks, Data & NLP Architect
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A good idea really is respected no matter where It comes from. Everyone has some visibility all the way to the top and can really make a difference in the way we do things and how we build software here at ZoomInfo.” Jeremy Freeman, Software Development Manager
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It was really exciting showing up at ZoomInfo as new employee. With how quickly I could start to contribute and solve problems here, it's rapid fire.” Cale Macgruder, Data Analyst
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I’m not confined to one bubble. I’m not just in engineering, I’m not just in marketing, I’m not just in sales. I think that’s the environment that ZoomInfo fosters, you are surrounded by smart people and they’re all very driven to give out the best product.” JP Meneide, User Experience Designer
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The departments work together, they find a common goal, and it doesn’t matter which part of the product they are touching, they work together to get the job done. ” Brian Chappel, Sr. QA Engineer

Why Engineering?

We strive to continually foster a collaborative environment and improve every aspect of the company by leveraging cutting edge technology and our innovative people to deliver transformative and effective products for our clients. Big data is a rapidly evolving and dynamic industry and we believe that we have the best and brightest engineers in the field. Each engineer plays a significant role in the continuous improvement in the quality and quantity of our data, which is the foundation of our product suite. We are truly passionate and excited about what we do!

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The people

Talented engineers collaborating on groundbreaking projects from idea generation through production and implementation.

The technology

Our engineers have the opportunity to use some of the newest and most exciting technology in the market place.

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Make a difference

YOU can make a difference - Our team leaders encourage innovation and sharing your thoughts.

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