ZoomInfo realizes that you care about the use of information about you, and we respect your concerns. We have put strict policies into place to ensure that the privacy of your personal information is protected while still enabling you to make use of the products and services provided by ZoomInfo.

Privacy at ZoomInfo

For your reference, click these links to read our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and commonly asked questions about our services and technology.

Managing Your Own Professional Profile On ZoomInfo

To find out if you are in the ZoomInfo Database,  search for your first name and last name  on the ZoomInfo home page. If you have a common name, you can limit your search based on geographical location or companies where you have worked.

Once you have located one or more ZoomInfo profiles in your name, consider these options for managing your professional profile on ZoomInfo:

Update Your ZoomInfo Profile
All the top recruiting agencies use ZoomInfo to find "passive" candidates for their recruiting efforts. Make sure your ZoomInfo profile is up to date for recruiters and others who may want to reach you. Simply  register for a free ZoomInfo account  and you can update your work history, contact information and even delete web references you do not want associated with your professional profile. You can also consolidate multiple ZoomInfo profiles in your name to create a comprehensive snapshot of your professional background. Please  CLICK HERE  to view, claim and update your ZoomInfo Directory profile.

Remove Your ZoomInfo Profile Completely
If you wish to completely remove your existing individual profile from the Directory please  CLICK HERE  for instructions. If you make this choice, your name, employment history, web references and contact information (including email address) will be removed from our search results as soon as possible.

If you would like to know more about how the ZoomInfo Directory is created and updated, please  CLICK HERE.

The following are key documents that you may find useful in understanding the standards by which ZoomInfo operates: