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4 Tips on Improving Your Open Rates & Getting People to Forward Your Emails

There’s nothing more frustrating than taking the time to develop an entire email campaign, only to have it die in your contacts’ inboxes, unopened. Worse yet is when they do open, but take no action. No click throughs, no forwards – nothing. But before you go ripping out your hair in frustration, here are four methods marketers can use to help increase open rates and encourage readers to forward the message on to others. Continue reading


How to Improve Your Segmentation & Target the Right Buyers

No two customers are exactly alike, so why are marketers still sending generic email blasts to their entire database? In order to make your sales and marketing efforts more efficient, segmenting your contact database is a must. People want solutions that align perfectly with their exact needs, but even if you can’t differentiate your product according to different markets, you can still differentiate your messaging. While it might be tempting to reach as many people as possible and just send one email blast to all of your contacts, targeted email campaigns yield approximately 13.46% more opens and 53.05% more click-throughs (source: MailChimp). Continue reading

List Segmentation: The Key to Email Marketing Success


List segmentation is the process of creating smaller lists from your larger list. Slicing and dicing your email list into different subgroups allows you to send targeted messages to different contacts, improving open rate, click-through rate (CTR), and conversion rate. It’s the key to email marketing success in organizations of all sizes.

With the proper strategy in place, email marketing campaigns can have a positive impact on the bottom line of an organization. According to the 2013 MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Benchmark Report, 64% of marketers said email marketing’s return on investment (ROI) will increase and 60% said that email marketing is currently producing ROI. In fact, email marketers estimate that 30% of email revenue derives from targeting to specific segments (source: DMA National Email Report 2013).

Continue reading