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How to Increase Your Sales Productivity & Stop Wasting Time [Infographic]

If your goal is to increase sales productivity, start by asking how much time you waste on non-selling activities.

In a typical day, we’d be shocked if you spend 8 hours on the phone. After all, you’re not a robot. And even before you can contact decision makers, you need to conduct research.

Do you have your prospects’ email addresses and direct dial phone numbers at hand? How much do you know about their backgrounds? Searching for this information can take more time than you’d expect. Continue reading


10 Inspirational Quotes to Help You Meet Your Sales Quota

The end of the month may be approaching, but there’s still time for you to meet your sales quota. However, if you need some extra motivation to get there, we understand. In order to help you finish this month with a strong performance, we’ve gathered some of our favorite sales quotes. Continue reading


Cold Calling: What You Need to Know Before Picking up the Phone

As a B2B sales person, you know how difficult cold calling can be. Everyone calls you a telemarketer. They think you’re trying to trap them in a contract, right? Wrong! The truth is if you’re calling the right people with a message that’s relevant to them they’ll see value in what you offer and will even be glad that you called.

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4 Tips for the Busy B2B Salesperson

B2B salespeople are pressed for time. They have a limited number of hours during the workweek to reach prospects and close deals. With that kind of pressure, it’s no wonder salespeople have trouble staying on top of everything they have to do! Here are four tips to help the busy salesperson be more productive and drive more revenue:

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simple steps to empower

Simple Steps to Empower Your Sales Team

The Usual Method

Sales force compensation is the largest marketing investment for most B2B companies. In fact, U.S. companies spend over $800 billion on it each year. Traditionally, sales teams have been incentivized a bit differently than the rest of employees. They are on the front lines talking to customers, battling to bring in revenue for your company. Their efforts have been quantified based on the revenue they bring in. We often think of sales people as a different breed of employees: competitive, driven, and motivated by money. Continue reading