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Defeating 5 of the Most Common B2B Sales Objections





The following guest post is from TechnologyAdvice, an Inc. 5000 company based in Nashville, Tenn. that is dedicated to connecting buyers and sellers of business technology.

Plenty of leads make it to the sales accepted stage, but that doesn’t guarantee they’re ready to buy, or that they’re even receptive to a conversation. Any outbound agent or sales development rep (SDR) will probably tell you they’ve lost count of the unproductive phone calls they make. Continue reading


3 Ways to Increase Your Tradeshow ROI

Tradeshows can be an expensive part of your marketing strategy if you’re not getting your return on investment. They’re also a great way to generate high quality leads if you’re willing to invest. With the proper marketing strategy in place you can turn your leads into sales and increase your tradeshow ROI in no time. Use the tips below to get started.

Increase Your Tradeshow ROI with these Tips:

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Increase Conversion Rates with Targeted Landing Pages & Shorter Form Fields

As a marketer, targeted landing pages with lead generation forms are your best friend. They let you capture information on people who are interested in your products and services – the people that are your most likely buyers.

So, how do you design a targeted landing page and a form that your prospects will fill out so you can move them further into your sales funnel?

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Sales Emails: How to Get Your Leads to Respond


Sales emails are an important part of the sales cycle. So how do you get leads to read and respond to the emails your sales reps are sending?

Keep Your Sales Emails Short and to the Pointsales-emails

Sales emails need to be short and to the point. No one is going to spend time reading a two page email. Try the following email layout:

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How to Create Buyer Personas & Turn Your Leads into Sales


Image courtesy of xedos4/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Creating buyer personas is the concept behind successful marketing campaigns. Buyer personas represent different groups of your customer base and help determine who to target and how to segment messages. This information can help you tailor your messaging, which will improve the results of your marketing campaigns. Tailored messages are especially important for organizations that offer multiple solutions. If your messaging is specific to marketing professionals and HR professionals are receiving it, it’s irrelevant to them.

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