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[Part 4 of 4] Improving Candidate Response Rates: How to Conclude Your Email

This is the final piece in our four-part series on how recruiters can increase candidate response rates. Last week, we went over why recruiters should customize their approach for each candidate they contact. In the conclusion to our series, we’ll discuss CTAs and the dos and the don’ts of the follow-up email.

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The 5 Types of Sales Prospect Persona Profiles [Infographic]

You may already know your buyer personas inside and out. But what about your sales prospect personas?

Think about it this way – you spend hours on the phone reaching out to potential buyers. In that time, you’re bound to notice some similarities. So, take advantage of this fact. Since it’s your job to connect with these people, it helps if you understand their different personas and how to sell to them. Continue reading


Learn How to Leverage Technology at the SiriusDecisions 2015 Technology Exchange

ZoomInfo is sponsoring the SiriusDecisions 2015 Technology Exchange in San Francisco from November 19-20.









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Learn What’s Possible With Technology At Sales Velocity 2015

ZoomInfo is sponsoring Sales Velocity 2015 in Denver, CO on June 16.


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5 Ways to Improve Your Sales Prospecting

Sales prospecting is not easy. Just ask any sales rep, and they’ll tell you how many times they had to call or email a prospect to reach them. And of course simply reaching them via email or phone doesn’t guarantee a sale. So, how can you improve your sales prospecting efforts to ensure you reach your contact on the first attempt? Continue reading


Cold Calling: What You Need to Know Before Picking up the Phone

As a B2B sales person, you know how difficult cold calling can be. Everyone calls you a telemarketer. They think you’re trying to trap them in a contract, right? Wrong! The truth is if you’re calling the right people with a message that’s relevant to them they’ll see value in what you offer and will even be glad that you called.

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Get Leads With the Right Sales Pitch

Salespeople are in a tough spot. They have to inform leads about their products and services, how they will benefit from them, and get them to sign the check. They only get a few minutes to hit each of these points. No matter what you’re selling, your sales pitch can make or break a deal. Here are a few tips to get the conversation started on the right foot:

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Get More Out of Prospecting! ZoomInfo Will Tell You How at RecruitaCon – Amazon


Come see James Hannoosh present ‘Dodging the Recruiting Roadblocks!’ on August 12, 2014 at RecruitaCon – Amazon!

Hiring the right candidate can be difficult. James will explain how to avoid the common roadblocks of recruiting to get more of the right prospects in your pipeline.

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