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How to Identify Buyer Personas & Send Targeted Messages to Leads

Do you ever feel like your approach to targeting your best possible buyer is like flinging spaghetti on a wall and seeing what sticks? You’re not alone. Despite the massive amount of analytics available to companies today, many marketers are still misfiring and sending the wrong content to the wrong prospects.

Buyer Personas: Know Your Customerbuyer-personass, Know Your Prospects

A good way to sharpen your aim is to create buyer personas, which are detailed profiles about your customers. Creating buyer personas helps you determine who to target and with what message. If you don’t truly understand your customers, you risk:

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The Value Of Big Data

value-of-big-dataWhat is Big Data?

Big Data encompasses all of the structured and unstructured data that can be found, measured, and analyzed. Where is this data coming from? It can be found through transactions, social media, sensor and M2M data, federal, state, local, and public records, and a variety of other sources. Big data includes all of the information people populate manually as well as the information that can be found about people and businesses. The amount of personal and enterprise information available is growing exponentially in an increasingly technologically-driven world. So what’s the big deal about big data? It isn’t just about dealing with more data than before – big data is characterized by velocity, variety, and variability (the 3 V’s). Continue reading

Stop Wasting Time! How to Reach Prospects Who Are Most Likely to Buy


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Is your sales team spending too much time reaching out to prospects, with little to no success in closing the deal? There’s nothing more disappointing than wasting time chasing after a prospect via phone, email, or other means of communication only to find out that they’re not interested, don’t have the budget, or have no need for your product. As frustrating as this is for the sales team, think about the impact it’s having on your organization’s bottom line. Continue reading